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RYT 200 Hours

Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Programme 
with Amy Chiu

Come join us this autumn in association with My Yoga to the journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Programme. Through this programme, our renowned trainer Amy Chiu will guide you to become an internationally recognized yoga teacher!

Syllabus 教學大綱

Yoga History, Philosophy, and Classification


  • Yoga history and development  瑜伽的歷史與發展

  • Paths of yoga 瑜伽的種類

  • Ashtanga yoga 八肢瑜珈

  • Yoga Literature 瑜伽文學

Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology



Understand human body from the perspective of skeletal, muscle and fascia systems, apply quick observation and muscle testing to better understand asanas and contraindications.



  • Anatomy terminology 解剖術語

  • Component of body tissue 身體組織

  • Skeleton and joints 骨骼和關節

  • Muscle tissue 肌肉組織

  • Functional anatomy of spine, shoulder complex and hip 脊柱,肩部複合物和臀部的功能解剖

  • Fascia system 筋膜系統​

Pranayama and Meditation


Pranayama is the practice of breath control in yoga. Meditation is a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention.



  • Pranayama exercise, including Ujjayi breathing, Nadi Shodana, Kapalabhati 呼吸訓練,包括喉式呼吸法,陰陽呼吸法,聖光呼吸法

  • Control of vital energy through mudras and bandhas 通過手印和封印來控制生命能量

  • Importance of meditation 冥想的重要性

  • Meditation methods 冥想方法​





Understand the asanas from alignment , technique and progression



Introduction to over hundreds of asanas, including forward bend, back bend, twisting, balancing and inversions


  • Asanas variations 體式變化

  • Explain asana alignment and adjustment 解釋體式的順位和調整

  • Application of props 輔助工具的應用


Teaching methodology and Lesson Planning



Understand the general rules and procedures when planning a class sequence. Ability to give clear verbal cues is essential.



  • Shape classes with different sizes 不同班級規模的課程設計

  • Give clear instructions 清晰口頭提示

  • Develop personal teaching style 發展個人教學風格

  • Ethical guidelines for yoga teachers瑜伽老師的道德準則

Meet The Trainer



Students who are interested in participating are required to have a minimum of 12 months of regular yoga practice.


White Structure

Daily schedule 每日時間表

8:00-10:00     Morning intensive 晨練

10:00-10:30    Break 小休

10:30-13:00     Lecture, discussion 課堂研習

13:00-14:30     Break 小休

14:30-15:00     Sanskrit 梵文

15:00-18:00    Lecture, discussion 課堂研習

RYT 200 Schedule 2022

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